Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ep 16: Sriracha

We are back with a brand new season of Awesometown covering one of everyone's FAVOURITE sauces, SRIRACHA!  Go ahead and have a listen or find us where you regularly get your podcasts!

Coming up on Awesometown Radio: It's the one with the cock on it! That shit never goes bad! Why white people love this sauce and We find out who's the spiciest smartiepants!

Note: yes we know the audio quality on some of the host mics are terrible, don't worry we've said "F that S right in the A" and upgraded some hardware for next time!


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  1. I used to put that shit on everything, too sweet for me now. I did see Mrs. Vickie's sirachi kettle chips.

    And white people live that shit cause it's the cool thing to like right now.

  2. it's the apple of foods right now!! iHotsauce!