Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Week With Blackberry: Day 2/3

So here we are on day 3.  "...But Marcell, where are the vlogs you promised us every day for the next 7 days!?" you ask, well the answer to that question is partly my bad, but also mostly the BlackBerry's bad.

So day 2 I got really busy and didn't get around to it, woops, sorry everyone!  But let me tell you about today, day 3.

So I thought it'd be neat to record the vlog using the blackberry camera and upload it directly to know like you would on any smart phone.  The recording went smoothly enough as long as you don't draw attention to the washed out, grainy recording the front facer camera spat out.  Whatever, front facing cameras aren't exactly known for being up there in quality.  In this video I mostly bitched a little about how much I disliked the keyboard, it takes time to get accustomed to, sometimes the keystrokes don't register, requiring me to proofread and go back and fix all the spelling mistakes and lets face it, it's really hard to type with one hand.  Not THAT big of a deal.  No, what I thought was a minor annoyance in the form of a physical keyboard turned out to be just that, a minor annoyance.  Where it really got frustrating was when I tried to share the video to youtube directly, the screen flickered and bounced back and forth between the "link accounts" screen and the "type in your video name" screen like some kind of jack russell terrier on speed, it rendered the phone absolutely useless unless I completely closed the app down.

"Alright, that's weird but no biggy" I thought to myself as I tried to email the file to myself, yielding an empty email with no video attached.  At this point I was getting frustrated.

"fine I'll upload it to onedrive." I said with an exasperated sigh.
"Upload complete" the screen said, so I jumped onto the mac to grab it...and it's not there.

"FINE." I said as I plugged the device into the computer, the little icon popping up to say an external drive has been connected....for 2 seconds before disappearing.  At this point I'm ready to give up but no, like the stubborn fool I am I install all the drivers and software and still...not showing up.

"UUURRRGGGHH..." So I plug it into the PC, install the drivers, install the stupid blackberry blend software - all i want to do is yank a goddamn video.

Fast forward to an hour later when the software finally installs, windows tells me that my phone that I've accurately nicknamed "typiephone" has been assigned to drive z:/ and eureka, I've managed to yank the video and drop it onto youtube!!



You know, when I started writing this post, I had given up on the idea that there would be a vlog today.  I was ready to call it quits right here at the end of this post, luckily I managed to get it uploaded before I was done typing.

All I've got to say is that my android is sitting silently on the desk taunting me, telling me in a sing song voice what a fool i've been for leaving her, whispering in the darkness "you'll be back..."

Take me back android, I don't know if I can do it!

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